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The mission for REACH High School is to provide a positive learning environment that engages, mentors, and motivates students to excel as successful lifelong learners.

 Congratulations to Our Most Recent Graduates!

REACH High School graduation is always a very exciting time for everyone involved.  Students work very hard to make their dream of walking across the stage to receive a high school diploma a reality.  This dream came true for six students on Friday, January 23, 2015 at the Phil Aikman Fine Arts Center.

Family, friends, CISD supporters, and many others, joined in the celebration as Sonia A., Dakota G., Jacqueline G., Brenda M., and Cesar R. received their diplomas.

Jacqueline led the pledges and Brenda led the turning of the tassels.  Patricia Hardy, State Board of Education, was the guest speaker.

REACH High School Honors Mr. Seybold for School Board Recognition Month

Although our CISD Board of Trustees is deeply appreciated all the time, January is the month selected to express our appreciation.  The Alternative Learning Center was privileged to be able to show our appreciation to Mr. Bill Seybold for School Board Recognition Month.

On Thursday morning January 15th, Mr. Seybold visited the ALC.  Upon arrival, he viewed all of the posters/cards that were displayed around the campus that students had created.  Following, he joined the staff and students to enjoy breakfast in the upstairs lounge/workroom.

He shared a historical event regarding Jeb Stuard, who became lost on his way to Gettysburg, causing the South to lose the battle and thus ending the war.  He transferred this analogy to the students and how one event/decision can completely change their course for life.  Upon conclusion, Mr. Seybold was presented a basket with thank you cards from the students as well as various gifts.

The Alternative Learning Center appreciates all the Mr. Seybold and the rest of the CISD Board of Trustees do for the district.

REACH High School Receives Bus Service

It's an exciting new year for REACH High School!!  Students who live furthest from REACH now have bus service!  Special thanks to Mr. Lasher, the transportation department, and everyone else who made this possible.

"I am so grateful for the bus because it helps me get to school when I don't have a ride and when my mom can't take me.  Riding the bus today was great!  The driver was my old bus driver when I sent to Castleberry.  I am just thankful because when I can't get a ride the bus helps a lot." - Eboney

"I appreciate that we get to ride the bus because it's really going to impact my attendance.  I am now able to come to school and catch up with my work.  It is a really big help because it was a struggle to get to school.  My first day went great and I'm very glad we get to ride the bus.  Thank you." - Monica

"I am very thankful and blessed to have a bus stop so I can go to school.  It will help me on my attendance and I will be at school now.  The first ride went well and I'm happy I can come to school a lot easier." - Robert

"Now that we have the bus here at REACH it's going to help me a lot more on my absences.  I didn't come to school at times because I  didn't have any rides.  When I rode the bus today it was great." - Clarita

Thank you, CISD, for caring about each and every student.

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"All career and technical education opportunities will be offered without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, or disability."


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