REACH High School Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week
Posted on 10/21/2021
Red Ribbon Week

REACH High School students and staff are excited about Red Ribbon Week next week. The activities for the week are as follow:

Monday, October 25th

“Drugs Come in Many Disguises” (Wear a Mask / Disguise)

Tuesday, October 26th

Wear RED Day

Wednesday, October 27th

“Double Up Against Drugs” (Twin Day)

Thursday, October 28th

“Crack is Whack” (Dress in Black)

Friday, October 29th

“Say ‘Boo’ to Drugs” (Wear a Non-Gory/Scary Costume – no “weapons” allowed - plus Drug Free Celebration/Carnival)

Mackenzie N. says, " I believe I'll enjoy the day titled "Drugs Come in Many Disguises - Wear a Mask Day" because I'm curious to see what masks the student body will wear. "

Chloe M. mentions, "In my opinion, Red Ribbon Week is an opportunity to bring awareness to the dangers that drugs can cause. This is done with fun activities like dressing up for fun with friends. They change the theme every year but not by much. Our school has activities like Twin Days when you can pick a friend to twin with or a day in Red Ribbon Week where you can wear all red clothing. These days may just seem like a week to dress up, but in reality, in dressing up and participating, we are supporting our community and other communities around the United States as we stand against drugs."