Amazing Opportunity for REACH High School Latinas

Amazing Opportunity for REACH High School Latinas
Posted on 09/30/2021
REACH Latinas standing w/ School Board Member and English Teach

REACH High School staff and students are very proud to announce a huge campus success. Abigail A., Maya H., and Chloe M. have been accepted into the prestigious educational training series called Latinas In Progress sponsored by the Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas (HWNT-Fort Worth Chapter). These young ladies participated in a highly competitive acceptance process and are part of an elite group of girls from all over the Fort Worth area.   

In the first session, students had the opportunity to explore new careers and college majors.  Abigail said, “The first Latinas in Progress workshop made me feel very empowered and motivated to attend college. One of the mentors came around to talk to us, and there was a lady who went to college for what I was interested in. She educated me on what I have to do. It was very helpful, and I have already started looking into it. I am honored to be a part of a program that is truly going to help me start my life!”  Maya believes that “Latinas in Progress is such a big opportunity for young girls who are still indecisive about their career path.  The first session was successful because so much information was given, and I am excited to see all that the program has to offer.” Chloe agreed, saying, ”The HWNT women are truly strong, independent individuals who I hope to learn more from. The experience was life-changing”.  

These girls will dedicate at least 12 hours of community service and over 25 hours of training which will prepare them for success after high school graduation. They will study topics such as college application, assertiveness training, the importance of civic engagement and healthy living, and essential life skills. At the successful completion of this program, these ladies will have the opportunity to apply for scholarships to assist them in furthering their educational dreams.   

Everyone at REACH High School is immensely proud of these scholars and looks forward to all that they will learn and accomplish as a result of this opportunity.



Photo from left to right - Ariela Martinez (Castleberry ISD School Board and HWNT member), Chloe M., Maya H., Abigail A., and Nadine Mihalicz (REACH teacher)