Classroom Library is a Hit

Classroom Library is a Hit!
Posted on 09/17/2019
English class sitting around their new classroom library REACH High School English classes have something really interesting happening this school year. Our English teacher, Mrs. Mihalicz, created a wish list of approximately 30 books on Amazon/Facebook. Generous donors bought over 30 books, and, when combined with books the teacher purchased, the new classroom library has over 100 books for students to read!
Students like all the books and have enjoyed reading and learning at the same time. Ray D. says, "There is a variety of genres that we can pick to read from sad, horror, comedy, etc. Personally, I appreciate all the people who bought us books because we are reading them in class and they are interesting." Lexie E. says, "The library has benefited me by allowing me to expand my vocabulary. It also gives me access to fill my free time with an educated but engaging experience by reading books." Julianna B. says, " The new classroom library helps me practice and improve my reading. They are interesting books. This helps me understand and makes me want to read more."
To show our appreciation, REACH High School students wrote personalized thank you cards to every book donor who contributed to the classroom library.