Mission In Action

Mission In Action
Posted on 12/17/2019
REACH graduate taking a picture

Mission In Action

Issue #1                                                                                   December 2019


Mission of REACH High School


REACH High School provides a supportive, individualized learning experience focused on developing personal, educational, and professional skills for a successful future.


Each month, REACH High School student journalists interviews a fellow student and record how their peers are embodying the school mission statement, highlighting their unique personal and educational achievements.

This month, Keila and Yasmin visited with Kelie, who has finished all of her coursework and passed all of her STAAR EOC exams. Kelie will graduate in January 2020.  


 Kelie E.

Keila:  How did you find out about REACH High School?

Kelie:   At the high school, I was always in trouble for fighting and not going to school.  I had even dropped out for a year.  I found out about REACH when I was talking to    the high school counselor telling her I was considering dropping out again.

Yasmin:  What motivated you to come to REACH High School?

Kelie:   I got motivated to come to REACH because I wanted a chance to graduate and have a chance to go to college for what I love - Cosmetology. It has motivated me to push    my limits as in being able to graduate.  There were times when I felt like giving up, but everyone here pushed me to keep going.

Keila: How would you say that Reach has changed you since you’ve been here?

Kelie:   REACH has matured me.  At first, I didn't care about finishing high school. My friends and teachers helped me realize I needed to grow up and prepare myself for my future. REACH has taught me how to be responsible and take my education, my career and my future seriously.

Yasmin: What do you want to accomplish after you leave REACH?

Kelie:   I thought about going to TCC for my basics then transfer to A&M Galveston to study for marine biology, but I have decided to study cosmetology at Ogle School of Beauty.

Keila: How would you describe your experience at REACH?

Kelie: My experience at REACH has been incredible. I am actually going to go to college and I never thought that was possible.  My favorite part about REACH was how students and teachers come together to learn and do activities together.  Everyone here motivates each other.

Yasmin: How is the environment different from other schools?

Kelie:  REACH has allowed me to work at my own pace, helping me focus and finish my  classes. I was also able to look for colleges that are the best for me.  The REACH environment is different from my old school because at REACH we are all like a family and we all look out for one another.