MIA Article 2

Mission in Action Article 2
Posted on 02/03/2020
REACH Grad taking a picture and his walk through

Mission In Action

Issue #2                   January 2020

          Mission of REACH High School

REACH High School provides a supportive, individualized learning experience focused on developing personal, educational, and professional skills for a successful future.

  Each month, REACH High School student journalists interview a fellow student and record how their peers are embodying the school mission statement, highlighting their unique personal and educational achievements.

   This month, Abby, Steven, and Jess visited with Adam, who came to REACH in August 2019 and was originally planning on graduating in 2021. Because of his dedication and work ethic, Adam graduated in January 2020.

 Abby:  What path were you on before you came to REACH?

Adam:  My path before coming to REACH wasn’t the best.  I really didn’t enjoy school.  I didn’t want to come to school but after hearing what my sister said about REACH - that it was a good school where she had many opportunities and was able to get her classes done on her own pace and graduate - inspired me to come to REACH High School.

 Steven:  How is the environment at REACH High School is different from other schools?

Adam:  REACH is drastically different from other schools.  One of the reasons is that there aren’t many kids here to distract you.  I feel comfortable coming to school because I don’t feel different, knowing there are others like me.  At REACH, I am accepted for who I am.

 Abby:  To whom would you recommend REACH High School?  Why?

Adam:  I would recommend REACH to my brother, showing him that he too can follow the path that my sister and I took at REACH.  As well, I recommend REACH for students who don’t feel comfortable, happy, or successful at their current school as well as to those who feel like they have little or no opportunity or support to reach their goals.

 Jess:  Describe your experience at REACH? How did REACH help benefit your social and academic life?

Adam:  REACH definitely changed me.  I met a lot of people and am so glad to have met them.  When I first came to REACH, I did not know anyone.  I kept to myself and didn’t talk to a lot of people.  But as time moved on, I grew out of this shyness and started to socialize with other people and meet new people.

 Steven:  What are your plans after REACH? What is your goal?

Adam:  My focus for this year has been to finish school.  After graduation, my plan is to take a bit of a break, to find interest in a job and to get work and life experience.  I hope to investigate careers and find one that will bring me success and happiness in life. 

 Jess:  How did the REACH family treat you?

Adam:  At REACH High School, we motivate each other.  There is no disrespect; everyone is welcoming, encouraging and great to talk to.

 Abby:  If you hadn’t come to REACH, how would your life be different?

Adam:  My life would be very different from what it is now. At REACH, I have met so many new people who helped bring me happiness while attending school.  Coming to REACH made me happier than I have ever been in school.

 Abby:  If you had to describe REACH in three words, what would your three words be and why?

Adam:  I would describe REACH as a New Experience, Excellent, and Home.”

I say “New Experience” because REACH is so different from other schools. 

I used the word “Excellent” because REACH is great at representing itself.   You are given the support and opportunities that REACH promises. 

Finally, I say “Home” because REACH feels like home, where everyone is more than just friends; we’re like family here.  The teachers are different at REACH.  They feel like friends or mentors who are always there to support you, just like in a family. 

REACH is like a second home.