First Day of School

First Day of School- Rock Solid Start
Posted on 08/26/2019
Final Rock Painting

Following the usual first day activities of rules and procedures, getting acquainted, and motivational videos, REACH students enjoyed showing off their creativity in the form of rock painting.

The activity was inspired from its success at the district’s leadership retreat as well as district-wide professional learning.

Mrs. Byther first shared a story by Linda Kranz with the students called Only One You. In the story, wisdom, positivity, individuality, and acceptance are emphasized.

Then, students enthusiastically painted their selected rocks with great focus and determination. A writing activity was incorporated as students wrote, “My Story – Told By Your Rock”. In wrapping up the activity, students/rocks had individual pictures taken together.

Returning student, Alejandra B., and new student, Cielo O. share their rock’s stories:

Alejandra’s Rock:

The Circle of Life: My rock’s life purpose was for me to choose it and paint it. For me to pour my colors and personality on it. For it to be pretty. The same way my purpose was to come to REACH and graduate. My rock has a tree on it showing my growth. How I will be the first in my family to ascend and have more than a 5th grade education. My rock stands for what I have to look forward to and how bright my future shines. And how REACH has really helped me. And taught me that I’m not alone and everyone is going through something similar. – To Infinity and Beyond

Cielo’s Rock:

Hello, I’m Rose! If you look at me carefully you’ll see something beautiful, something that will make you smile. People have seen me from far and judge me but when you talk to me and really look carefully … you’ll see me! I’ve been through the rough … seen things you aren’t supposed to see. But I’m still beautiful and I’m caring no matter what you are and who you are! I am positive and priceless to anyone who comes my way. I’ve accepted everyone because I want people to accept me. Like I said, I’m a diamond in the rough; see me closely. As my days go by, I see and feel happiness. I’m planning on traveling the world to help people find their true selves. People should love themselves for them! As a rock, I have to show people that you can be different but be happy. I, Rose, will travel the world and be happy!