CISD Senior Community Parade

CISD Senior Community Parade
Posted on 05/12/2020
Flyer with confetti that says CISD Senior Community Parade

On Friday May 22, 2020 CISD will be having a CISD Senior Community Parade. The following is the information about this event. Click on the link below if you would like to participate in this event.


May 22
Parade line-up from 5 pm - 5:45 pm
parade from 6 pm - 7 pm

Parade Line-up - Participants line up as they arrive at CHS. Line-up from 5 pm -5:45 pm.

  • First - Main parking lot in front of the school - 3 rows starting at Melbourne and ending down by competition gym.  Enter the drive closest to the competition gym.
  • Second - if the main parking lot gets full line up will continue to the stadium parking lot.


All safety guidelines concerning COVID-19 and social distancing will be followed. Remain in your vehicle during the line-up. After the parade, do not congregate in the parking lot.

All persons/drivers are required to be licensed. Permit licensed drivers (usually under 21) need to have a licensed adult riding with them in the vehicle. People, including those under 18, are permitted to ride in the bed of the truck or trailer during the parade.

Be aware that in the event of a fire or police emergency, the parade line may have to break up to allow passage of the emergency equipment.

All motorized equipment must be clean and in working order. Maintain a safe distance of at least 2 car lengths between vehicles. Vehicles may only contain the number of passengers that the vehicle was designed for (truck beds are an exception, however, participants must be securely inside the bed). Do not board or exit the motor vehicle during the parade. 

Participants must keep all body parts within the confines of the vehicle at all times throughout the parade. Dangling feet over the edge of the vehicle is prohibited. No participant will be permitted to ride on the roof or hood of a moving vehicle at any time.

No exhibition of any kind. (i.e. loud revving, burnouts, etc.)

Parade participants should in no way encourage spectators to leave the curb or move into the street for any reason.

The student code of conduct will be strictly enforced throughout this event. This includes zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol.

Drivers of vehicles may not throw any item from a moving vehicle, and they are not to talk or text on their cell phones during the parade.

Any music or amplified sound from any entry must be school appropriate, and not include any profanity or references to drugs or alcohol.

Candy/Handouts can not be thrown from any moving vehicle.

In regard to attire, seniors should dress in a reasonable and appropriate manner. Wear your graduation regalia.

Decorate your vehicle in an appropriate manner. You can use your yard signs.  

Safety is a major concern, so ensure that the people in your vehicle know that and act accordingly to maintain a safe environment for everyone at the parade.

***Failure to adhere to the following guidelines could result in disciplinary consequences that could include not participating in prom and/or graduation ceremonies.*** 

Seniors/Parents sign up on the link below to participate in the parade and to acknowledge your understanding of the parade guidelines.

Parade Participant Sign Up


Homecoming Parade will commence at Castleberry High School (Front & North parking lots) 215 Churchill Rd.

The parade will travel north on Churchill Rd., and up to the intersection of Churchill Rd. & Blackstone Dr.

The parade will turn left onto Blackstone Rd. and travel westbound up to the intersection of Blackstone Rd. & Roberts Cut Off Rd.

The parade will turn right Roberts Cut Off Rd. and travel northbound up to the intersection of Roberts Cut Off Rd. and Barbara Rd.

The parade will turn right on Barbara Rd., travel eastbound up to the intersection of Barbara Rd. and Churchill Rd.

The parade will turn right on Churchill Rd., and travel southbound on Churchill Rd., and come to a stop at Castleberry High School.

a map of the parade route. A written description is available in the article above.