REACH High School Latinas Recognized

REACH High School Latinas Recognized
Posted on 09/16/2019
5 high school students taking a picture outside of UTA

REACH High School staff and students are very proud to announce a huge campus success. Melany Aguilera, Daniela Castañeda, Jessica Barrera, Alejandra Bruce, and Abigail Sauceda have been accepted into the prestigious educational training series called Latinas In Progress sponsored by the Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas (Fort Worth Chapter). These young ladies participated in a highly competitive acceptance process; one-hundred-sixty-seven girls applied from all over the Fort Worth area applied, but only one-hundred-five were selected.  
In the first session, students had the opportunity to explore new careers and college majors. Daniela Castañeda stated, “I now know what I want to study.  I was inspired by one of the HWNT mentors. Being a Latina and going through struggles doesn’t matter; anything is possible.” Melany Aguilera agrees with Daniela, and says, “Furthermore, I know that I want to study criminology. The speakers were very informative and answered all of my questions very helpfully and professionally.” Jessica Barrera said, “I liked listening to the ladies’ stories about taking risks in your career and education.” Alejandra Bruce was especially touched by the story of Cynthia, an HWNT mentor. Alejandra believes, “Cynthia’s story was so relatable to my own experience.” Abigail Sauceda agrees, and says, “I appreciate the LIP program so much. I used to think there would never be an option of college for my future, but the Latinas In Progress Program showed me that no matter where my story started, there’s always hope, a chance to fulfill my dreams.” 
These girls will dedicate over 25 hours of training which will prepare them for their success after high school graduation. They will study topics such as college application, assertiveness training, the importance of civic engagement and healthy living and important life skills. At successful completion of this program, these ladies will have the opportunity to apply for scholarships to further their educational dreams. 
Everyone at REACH High School is immensely proud of these scholars and looks forward to all that they will learn and accomplish as a result of this opportunity.