School Board Appreciation

School Board Appreciation
Posted on 01/22/2019
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Although our CISD Board of Education is deeply appreciated all the time, January is the month selected to express our gratitude as it is officially School Board Recognition Month across the State of Texas. The Alternative Learning Center was privileged to be able to show our appreciation to Mrs. Mary Lou Martinez.

On Friday, January 18th, Mrs. Martinez visited the ALC for a breakfast with the some of our students as well as the faculty. As she walked to the dining area, she read the posters that were hung on the walls on both sides of the hall as she walked by.

Some of the students each shared with her something they are thankful for regarding her service and dedication to the district. During breakfast, everyone enjoyed pleasant conversation and getting to know each other on a deeper level.

After breakfast, Mrs. Martinez was presented with a basket of various items which included over 50 thank you’s written by REACH and TRUCE students and staff as well as several gift cards and useful items.

The Alternative Learning Center appreciates all that Mrs. Martinez and the rest of the CISD Board of Education do for the district.