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Our Mission

The mission of Castleberry ISD is to graduate all students as lifelong learners who will excel in our changing world and competitive workplace.

Our Vision

Castleberry Independent School District is a community of innovative learners empowered to impact our world.

Our District

two students sitting at computers

  • Students are our most precious resource
  • Schools are a vital part of the community
  • Family is a fundamental source of one's values.
  • Quality education makes for productive citizens and strong communities.
  • Family, school, and community support directly impact the quality of education.
  • Every individual is important and deserves time, opportunity, & support.
  • Educational processes should acknowledge diversity and promote excellence for every student.
  • A clean, safe, and orderly environment is essential for learning.
  • Excellence and sustained exceptional performance come from a commitment to a clear vision and shared values, which encourage collaboration and teamwork.
  • Community partnerships are imperative to grow the whole child.

Our Student Outcomes

Elementary student laying on the floor learning with plastic letters

  • Students will be prepared to meet the challenges of life after graduation.
  • Students will demonstrate mastery of the local, state, and federal curriculum standards.
  • Students will learn to make good choices, respect others, and value education.
  • Students will have the capabilities to live, learn, and prosper in a free society that is globally connected and increasingly competitive.

Our District

CHS volleyball players riding on a homecoming float

  • Provide a transformative learning experience for all students which incorporates collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.
  • Foster a culture of respect and appreciation of each individual and his or her unique talents by modeling professionalism, compassion, and servantship.
  • Optimize resources to sustain and enhance district operations.